Social networks are sometimes funny or boring 😊

Every time I’m changing a single comma in my Linkedin profile, I am flooded with silly messages like “congratulations for your promotion!”

There’s a long time that I’m not looking anymore for promotion! Since many many years, my motor for working is only linked to Passion, Fun, Discovering new people, new environment, .. but more than anything else by the FREEDOM that I have achieved since I am working as Freelance.

The FREEDOM to work for a COMPANY that I like,

The FREEDOM to work with PEOPLE that I like,

The FREEDOM to work with people that share the same VALUES as I have,

The FREEDON to transmit my experiences to younger people willing to learn and avoid making same mistakes that were done by others in the past,

The FREEDOM to defend the superiority of human being and processes on AI and Advanced Planning Systems that can only later on support and accelerate the business.

When I am meeting all these ingredients, I can promise you, live is a very excited moment to experiment!!